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MAYDAY! Our child is out of control!  We have read books concerning “strong-willed children”, but nothing goes far enough.  We’ve tried everything including holding her door shut, taking away privileges and implementing rewards and consequences.  Nothing seems to work!

Subject:        From Combat Zone

Dear Debbie:

I received your book a few weeks ago and started the Token System with my 6 1/2 year old after reading the book and listening to the tape. It took a few days to sort out in my mind how it was going to work, and I still wasn't convinced. It was too easy. Besides, I offered rewards before for good behavior and never had any lasting changes.  

Well, I wanted to write you to tell you that in the past few weeks, I have had a happy, helpful, obedient (mostly) boy on my hands. If the system stops working for us tomorrow, I will still be pleased with my three weeks worth of "peace"!  


Children cannot hold a parent hostage.  Review your rules and unify your stronghold.

This is where all the reconnaissance pays off through various charts and samples with specific how-to-use instruction.

Special operations explained in detail