The Ultimate Parenting Survival Manual-for Christian Parents Debbie Preece

Helping Frustrated Mother’s find JOY in their JOurneY!

Parenting Survival

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Is your home under attack with  Anti-Mom protests, sibling rivalry, fighting, quarreling & sarcasm? Do you want to hold up your flag of surrender and run to your foxhole for refuge?

This program is made for the pleasure and happiness of MOM!  You control it; you administer it.  The children can’t find a way around it! They will give happy, obedience to use it.

I’ve Been There!
Just because you didn't get these things before doesn't mean it isn't possible now!

Just because you didn’t get happy, first-time obedience before doesn’t mean it isn’t possible now!

battle plans and stratifications for successful families

“The weight is off your shoulders, because the program sets the rules in place.  It’s a comprehensive family program wherein all members will happily  participate.”  Stephanie